Adding index entries

Adding index entries#

To add entries to the index, they must be manually specified within the md files.

There are two types Inline and Directives


:index: should be used when adding unchanged keywords to the index.

For example, to add an occurrence of bellman equation to the index within a paragraph you would simply wrap the words in an inline sphinx statement such as:

This is an example of adding {index}`bellman equation` to the index of a document



There is currently limited support for specifying multiple arguments in jupyter book for the index directive. See this issue for the latest update.

Directives are useful when adding more complex arangements to an index (such as nested entries) in addition to times when using the inline syntax reduces readability of the md file.

The directive attaches itself to the position of the next paragraph in the file.

Adding a simple item to the index can be done by writing:

```{index} single: Bellman Equation

However more complex arrangements can also be specified, such as

```{index} single: Dynamic Programming; Bellman Equation

This would add Bellman Equation (with its associated page reference) underneath Dynamic Programming in the index.

Additional info#

Additional documentation can be found here:


Index items are case sensitive so care should be taken to be case consistent when specifying labels.