Writing conventions#

QuantEcon lectures are powered by Jupyter Book with the theme quantecon-book-theme

The following conventions should be adhered to for best results using quantecon-book-theme

General writing advice#

Please keep it clear and keep it short.

One sentence paragraphs only.

Keep those one sentence paragraphs short and clear.

The value of the lecture is the importance and clarity of the information divided by the number of words.

Make sure the logical flow is good

  • no jumps

  • choose carefully what you pay attention to — minimize distractions.

If you have a choice between two reasonable options, always pick the simplest one.

  • don’t capitalize unless you need to

  • use \(P\) instead of \(\mathcal P\) when you have the option to choose freely

Make it pretty#

Good lectures look good and use colors and layout to emphasize ideas.

Example: https://continuous-time-mcs.quantecon.org/kolmogorov_fwd.html

Emphasis and definitions#

Use bold for definitions and italic for emphasis. For example,

  • A closed set is a set whose complement is open.

  • All consumers have identical endowments.

Titles and headings#

  • Capitalization of all words only for lecture titles.

    • Example: “How it Works: Data, Variables and Names”

  • Capitalization of only first word for all other headings (sections, subsections, etc.), capitalize proper nouns

    • Example: “Binary packages with Python frontends”